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The Chubby Conqueror

The Chubby Conqueror

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To all the Chubby Conquerors that will join me in “TrimLand”…

This book is dedicated to all the wonderful boys and girls whose parents may have also shown them love by rewarding them with unhealthy foods, like sundaes, chocolate, fries, and other unwholesome foods. Unfortunately, too much of these foods can cause really scary medical problems, like clogged arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes, and much, much more. We love our parents, we thank them, but now through science and better understanding of how the body works and interacts with food, we will create a lean, healthy generation. Along the way, we will educate our parents on how to be Chubby Conquerors, too.

This is not a diet book! This is a book of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to all the young ladies and gentlemen who want to be healthy and journey to “TrimLand” with us. You can find many books telling you how to exercise, which foods are important, what to eat, when to eat and what not to eat. Yet, in the end, it’s up to you, “You are the master of your fate.” You have to create within yourself a lifestyle change, which is a mindset. So let’s work on something that you can control: your brain, because your mind needs reinforcement until healthy habits become second nature. This all comes down to conditioning your mind to create healthful habits. It will be difficult at first, but don’t worry, that’s normal. Just like any Olympic champion, through training and repetition, you, too, will build good habits and a strong mindset.

Yes, you will slip sometimes and have a sundae or a piece of bacon (oops), that’s normal, but your friends on “TrimLand,” a new Social Network for millions of kids who want to go to “TrimLand,” will be there to encourage you to get right back on track. And professionals will be there to help you 24 hours a day, as well.

That is what this book is all about, empowering your mind so living a healthy lifestyle becomes natural. One day you will look at the ice cream sundae or the bacon and say, “I don’t need it,” smile and walk away. That’s when you will have become a Chubby Conqueror, just like an Olympic champion. You just need to be patient, while you are working towards your goal. It took you a long time to gain the weight, and it will take you time to lose it, too. It does not mean that you can’t have ice cream or bacon sometimes, but you will know when you can have it and how much, once you become a champion, which you will.

Just remember, you are part of the “TrimLand Social Network,” and we are a team with the same goal: to lose weight and be healthy by becoming a Chubby Conqueror. Just believe in yourself and follow me to “TrimLand.” I believe in you!