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The Flower that could not talk

The Flower that could not talk

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Excellent book for children of all ages. Helps child to learn about beauty of nature, right and wrong and most importantly it teaches young person about perseverance and viewing any challenging situation as an opportunity to find a solution. Very well written and wonderfully illustrated. Highly recommend. This story is nicely written and I am searching for other books from this author

"The Flower That Could Not Talk" is a beautiful and touching story that is perfect for parent/child time or for the reading child to enjoy on their own. Author Amos Knoll shares the importance and joy of experiencing nature and friendship through the heartwarming story about a mute little boy who discovers that he can communicate with a flower when he gets lost in the woods. He and the flower have several adventures together and learn some interesting lessons. The illustrations, by Hazel Mitchell, are exquisite and suit the story well. I highly recommend this book