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Max and The Red-haired Dragon

Max and The Red-haired Dragon

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The tale of Max and the Red-haired Dragon teaches an invaluable lesson to the reader: in spite of our physical differences, we are all the same under the skin. This universal truth is revealed during the journey of Max and his magical friend as they share many adventures and meet many other unusual characters. The artwork throughout the book is a visual treat that will delight readers both young and old as they share the journey with Max and Gabriel the dragon.

How deep and sensitive, through the eyes of someone who may feel different than others in this world. It is a story full of beauty on so many levels. The illustrations are simply magical which suits the story. This book should be read by all because, as we grow older and become more jaded and cynical in life, we forget about loving what makes us individuals and what makes us different because we really are all connected. The book has a very important message “don’t judge people by their color, gender or the way they look, judge people only what is in their hearts and minds" This book was created as a keepsake book that you will enjoy adding to your must-haves on the shelf with your other classics for a lifetime of reminders that we are all beautiful and special. You will be sharing this book with your children and grandchildren and on and on for years to come and beyond.